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5 Ways to Beat the Heat Nutritiously 

Category: Lifestyle, Nutrition

 Enjoy your summer without ruining your nutrition goals by trying these healthy, refreshing treats.

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Mom Picks: Stress Less 

Category: Lifestyle, Mom Picks

 Our lives can be filled with so many stressors -- why stress more than you need to!  Ease your mind and allow technology and these products to help you out.

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Watermelon & Zico® Natural Coconut Water Ice Pops 

Category: Lifestyle, Recipes

Crack Life Open with this recipe by Jessica Alba, using Zico® Natural Coconut Water and watermelon chunks to make delicious and refreshing ice pops.

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Mom Picks: Summer Cool-Down 

Category: Family Fitness, Lifestyle, Mom and Baby Workout, Mom Picks

Are you looking for ways for your children to cool down this summer?  Here are a few products I found to be helpful during hot months.

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How Can I Make My Cookout Healthy? 

Category: Nutrition, Weight Loss

 Just in time for the warm weather, Baby Boot Camp gives your cookout a healthy makeover.

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Top 10 Partner Exercises Using Body Weight 

Category: Exercise, Family Fitness, Lifestyle, Mom and Baby Workout, Stroller Fitness, Weight Loss

 In honor of Father’s Day this month, here are 10 exercises you can do with your favorite partner - no equipment necessary! 

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Eating Out (Without Filling Out)  

Category: Nutrition, Weight Loss

Isn’t it lovely to go out to eat?  Someone else does the cooking and cleaning while you relax and enjoy great tasting food. The problem is that the typical restaurant meal can contain more than twice the calories of the same meal you would have prepared at home. Here are some of tips for a successful journey out.

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Mom Picks: Portion Control 

Category: Lifestyle, Mom Picks, Nutrition, Weight Loss

One thing I have noticed with the moms in my area is that sometimes we know what to eat to live a healthier life but we may be under estimating the amount that we are putting into our mouths each day.  I have found some great products to help you with portion control this month.

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Raw Beet and Carrot Salad 

Category: Lifestyle, Nutrition, Recipes

Simple, yet delicious.

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