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Behavior Management 101 

Category: bonding, Lifestyle, Well-Being

No matter what you do, nothing seems to work and you feel frazzled – we’ve all been there. So let’s get on board with some basic behavior management skills that we can all use to help decrease stress and truly cherish these moments with our children.

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How to Make Mornings Work For You! 

Category: Birth Recovery, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Well-Being

It may be a little while until your mornings are calm again, but with some preparation and planning, you can make them a little bit smoother. Your morning can set the tone for the day -- make it a great day!

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Healthy Eating Habits of a Mom on the Go 

Category: Lifestyle, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Well-Being

How do we make sure that we are able to eat healthy amongst all the crazy? It’s hard, I am not going to lie, but it is necessary and there are ways to make it easier. Having healthy eating habits ensures that we have the energy and strength to keep up with our wild children.

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Mom Picks: Beach Day! 

Category: Lifestyle, Mom Picks, Skincare

Taking two boys (3 and 1) to the beach is no easy feat. I could write a novel on all the toys, food, sunscreen products, and other essentials that we usually have in tow, but I won't bore you with all of that. Here are a few of my faves, for my fellow beach-goers (especially you boy moms!)...

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Quick Tips For New Runners: Interval Running 

Category: Exercise, Exercising During Pregnancy, Family Fitness, Injury Prevention, Lifestyle, Mom and Baby Workout, Stroller Fitness, Weight Loss, Well-Being

Interval running with walking breaks is one of the most effective ways to get new runners on the trails. Incorporating walking breaks into your run helps increase your self-confidence, helps you pace and control your breath, and gradually introduces your body to the impact that jogging has on your joints.

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Mom Picks: Mommy Must-Haves for Airplane Adventures 

Category: Injury Prevention, Lifestyle, Mom Picks, Stroller Fitness, Well-Being

I never imagined how challenging it would be to travel once you add a little sidekick to your luggage. I learned quickly when my daughter was just shy of six months old, but  was able to pull off a very successful trip with the help of these three travelling with an infant MUST-HAVES!

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Member Spotlight: Jeanna Bickerstaff 

Category: Exercise, Family Fitness, Lifestyle, Mom and Baby Workout, Mom Picks, Stroller Fitness, Well-Being
A recurring theme surrounds the stories of change in our Baby Boot Camp community -- stories of both mental and physical strength. We're so overjoyed that our classes have made such a difference to women nationwide, and we are excited to... read more

Life Changing Method of Tidying Up 

Category: Book Review

Marie Kondo’s Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up is a lesson in her “KonMari” method of tidying and decluttering. My biggest takeaway from her method is that you should have a home with things that only spark joy, only things that you love.  You must tidy and de-clutter quickly, thoroughly, and in one go. She claims that if you follow her method, you will never have a relapse because her method changes your mindset.

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