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Mom Picks: Mommy Must-Haves for Airplane Adventures 

Category: Injury Prevention, Lifestyle, Mom Picks, Stroller Fitness, Well-Being

I never imagined how challenging it would be to travel once you add a little sidekick to your luggage. I learned quickly when my daughter was just shy of six months old, but  was able to pull off a very successful trip with the help of these three travelling with an infant MUST-HAVES!

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Member Spotlight: Jeanna Bickerstaff 

Category: Exercise, Family Fitness, Lifestyle, Mom and Baby Workout, Mom Picks, Stroller Fitness, Well-Being
A recurring theme surrounds the stories of change in our Baby Boot Camp community -- stories of both mental and physical strength. We're so overjoyed that our classes have made such a difference to women nationwide, and we are excited to... read more

Life Changing Method of Tidying Up 

Category: Book Review

Marie Kondo’s Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up is a lesson in her “KonMari” method of tidying and decluttering. My biggest takeaway from her method is that you should have a home with things that only spark joy, only things that you love.  You must tidy and de-clutter quickly, thoroughly, and in one go. She claims that if you follow her method, you will never have a relapse because her method changes your mindset.

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FAQ with a Baby Boot Camp Franchise Owner 

Category: Birth Recovery, Family Fitness, Lifestyle, Mom and Baby Workout, Stroller Fitness, Well-Being

 Baby Boot Camp provides diversity while catering the workouts to be effective and safely designed for all mom stages of life. Through empowerment, confidence and strength building, we help moms reclaim their bodies.

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Positive Thinking and the Power Of It 

Category: Exercise, Lifestyle, Weight Loss, Well-Being

It’s gloomy outside, your day is full of screaming children, your house is a mess, and nothing seems to be going right. It is just one of those days. We have all been there. So, what can you do to turn it around?

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Mom Picks: 3 Apps for Busy Moms 

Category: Family Fitness, Lifestyle, Mom Picks, Well-Being

Most of us spend a large portion of our days on our smart devices. Why not try out a few apps meant to help you increase your productivity so you can detach when needed? These three apps are my favorites when it comes to keeping my life organized while I manage my business, family, and young son’s activities.

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Fruit and Veggie Challenge Tracker 

Category: Lifestyle, Nutrition, Weight Loss
Are you eating enough fruits and veggies each day?  Kick-start your nutrition goals with our fruit & veggie tracker! Eat more fruits & veggies for a chance to win GoMacro Macrobars! Follow GoMacro and Baby Boot Camp Global on Facebook... read more
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