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Top 5 Benefits Of Joining A Stroller Fitness Program 

Category: Exercise, Exercising During Pregnancy, Family Fitness, Lifestyle, Mom and Baby Workout, Stroller Fitness, Weight Lifting, Weight Loss

For many new moms, exercise may seem like a distant dream of pre-baby life. If you have never considered it, now is the time to start a stroller-based fitness program!  Our workouts are specifically designed for pre and post natal women because of its numerous health and emotional benefits.

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Mom Picks: Summer Snacking 

Category: Lifestyle, Mom Picks

Looking for the best way to enjoy your stroller snacking this summer? These items are a must have for the fitness minded mom on the go!

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Mom Picks: Back Yard Summer Fun 

Category: Lifestyle, Mom Picks

My toddler loves to play outside. Summer has made its grand entrance and just playing with a ball in the backyard isn’t cutting it. This year, we’ve made our backyard summer fun ready. Here are some great items that will turn your backyard into the cool neighborhood destination this summer!

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Hit the Pool with Confidence this Summer 

Category: Exercise, Lifestyle, Mom and Baby Workout, Nutrition, Stroller Fitness, Weight Lifting

They say that April showers bring May flowers, so let’s say that commitment in May and June brings confidence all summer long! Summer brings us longer days, warm weather and bathing suits on store shelves. All signs point to one certainty: summer will be here soon. Here are four ways to get you ready to rock that bathing suit or shorts with confidence this summer.

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Mom Picks: Making the Perfect Puree 

Category: Lifestyle, Mom Picks, Nutrition, Recipes

You've finally reached the point where your little one is ready to eat solid foods. You see all the Pinterest boards with pictures of perfectly made baby packets and it suddenly becomes a daunting task. How do you make your own baby food at home without spending the entire day in the kitchen? Although I would typically encourage mashing by hand (it IS a fantastic arm workout!), there are easier and more convenient ways to do this seemingly impossible task. Here are a few must-haves for making the perfect puree.

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Maintaining Your Health and Fitness Goals 

Category: Exercise, Family Fitness, Lifestyle, Mom and Baby Workout, Nutrition, Stroller Fitness, Weight Loss

It takes incredible discipline and willpower to reach health and fitness goals like weight loss, clean eating, and making exercise part of your routine. As you celebrate your successes, we want to take a moment and encourage you to continue your journey towards optimal health and wellness. We want you to think of the next few months as a new challenge on its own: one of maintenance.

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Mom Picks: Fun in the Sun 

Category: Mom and Baby Workout, Mom Picks, Skincare, Stroller Fitness

Getting ready for that warmer weather? Finally! With both of my little ones having been stuck indoors for so many months, it is a wonderful feeling to finally see (and feel) the sunshine.  But now that we can head outdoors, we need all of the necessary items to make our outdoor adventures fabulous (and successful).

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