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Baby Boot Camp Colorado Springs

Posted by: Baby Boot Camp on Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby Boot Camp Colorado Springs


By Jessica Sanderson

Lauren Shaw with son, Aiden


One of the most common things you’ll hear the first time you are pregnant is, “Your life will never be the same.” In all fairness, I think knowing parents should say, “Your life and your body will never be the same.”

Like most first-time moms, I was thrilled to be pregnant. I didn’t worry about weight gain or how I would lose the extra pounds when my precious bundle arrived. I also knew that leaving my little darling in a gym nursery while I worked out was simply not going to work for this mommy.

It would have been nice to have the option Colorado Springs moms will soon have. Baby Boot Camp is coming to southern Colorado, and offers another alternative to shedding postpartum pounds or simply staying fit while pregnant.

Lauren Shaw, instructor and owner of the Colorado Springs Baby Boot Camp franchise, says she is excited to transition from her years of personal training to working with expectant and new moms. “I am looking forward to meeting all these interesting women and building up a nice group,” she says.

Originally drawn to Baby Boot Camp after having her son, Aiden, last spring, Lauren says the idea of combining her love of fitness with her newfound love for her child just makes sense. “You’re working out and you’re also entertaining the children. You have a lot of moms who want to have their child with them and want to be interacting with their child while they’re working out,” she explains. “This will definitely be new territory for me, but not in terms of the training aspect of it.”

Lauren, like all Baby Boot Camp instructors, is a certified personal trainer. She holds all four certificates offered through the American Council on Exercise. Janelle Lirette, a former client of Lauren’s, attests to her skill as a trainer: “Her program was so focused on nutrition and strength training,” Lirette recalls. “She explained everything so well and she really pushed me. Overall, my results were fantastic. She’s very focused on educating you about what you need to do to stay healthy.”

While working with Lauren, Lirette says she often found exercise to be not just a physical experience but an emotional one as well. “She was always so supportive,” remembers Lirette. “I think a lot of times it’s the emotional stuff that gets in the way of our health. One of Lauren’s strengths is her ability to identify with people.”

As a new mother herself, Lauren says she can relate in a very real way to what her clients are experiencing. Having had a slight case of the “baby blues” after delivering Aiden, Lauren says she hopes Baby Boot Camp will make clients feel good about themselves on the outside as well as the inside. “For a lot of these moms this might be their only thing that they do. If they do this one thing, that may be their biggest accomplishment that day,” she explains. “That could be what really changes everything for them and makes them feel better about themselves.”

Lauren admits that a major reason why she switched from personal training to Baby Boot Camp is to connect with moms who are just like her with common and shared experiences. “It feels like you are the only one in the world going through this,” she says. “You’re in this interesting time in your life where you need that little extra bit of support and connection.”

Connecting, making healthy choices, and staying fit is what Baby Boot Camp is all about, she points out. “BBC fills that niche—the need those moms have to be around other moms. You are getting that social connection where you are meeting people and making friends for life. That’s a big part of it. You are also getting that workout that you want to get.”

For Lauren, the training portion of Baby Boot Camp will come naturally to her. It is the added element of babies in the class that may lend an unpredictable component. “Say that you have a 2-year-old that’s fussy or you have a kid that’s not staying in the stroller; you tend to the child and nobody is going to be mad that you are taking a break,” she assures. “It’s low-pressure. If there is a baby that’s crying a bit it’s OK. Nobody’s going to be upset that he’s kind of grumpy.”

If crying babies and potentially crying mommies isn’t enough to keep Lauren on her toes, the workouts themselves should. Baby Boot Camp workouts combine resistance training with cardio exercise. Lauren assures that classes will provide effective but safe workouts. “BBC is very specific in the recommendations and modifications that you make for the prenatal clients,” she explains. “There is a whole manual on prenatal clients. You have to have clearance from your physician.”

Locations for Baby Boot Camp will change to accommodate Colorado’s ever-changing climate. Lauren says some classes will meet at malls or recreation centers, while other times the group will meet in a park. The locations may be as unique as the variety of exercises moms can expect to do. “You may have 15 babies or kids in strollers,” Lauren says. “You’re going to be doing a lot of interaction with them. If we are doing squats, we might be singing a song and facing the kids. Or we might be lunging around the strollers so that we are still interacting with them.”

Baby Boot Camp workouts are designed to utilize the tools new moms have at their disposal, namely strollers and babies. “You can get down on the ground with them and do sit-ups holding them or planks over them if they are little enough,” Lauren describes. “You can do little games with the kids. They can pick the exercises we do. Every class will have a variety of ages: little tiny babies up to 4-year-olds.”

Another distinctive feature regarding Baby Boot Camp is the option to implement both play dates for the kids as well as evenings out for the moms. Lauren says she will definitely arrange both of these with her group of moms. “For a lot of these moms this is really their only outlet. It is for me,” she says. “And this was my other reason for starting the program because I don’t have that network of moms.”

Classes are held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and will cost around $10 per class. There is an enrollment fee of $59, which is good for life and includes all of the necessary equipment (excluding a jogging stroller). If you are interested in learning more about Baby Boot Camp, visit and click on the map to find the Colorado Springs locations.

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