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Essential Road Trip Snacks for Your Kiddos

Posted by: Lindsey Colotti, Owner & Instructor on Thursday, December 22, 2016

If your family is anything like mine, you are always on the go. More importantly, if your kids are anything like mine, they are always HUNGRY! It doesn’t matter if they just had breakfast, lunch, or dinner - the second we get in the car to go anywhere they need a snack and a drink. I know they are growing little people, so of course they need to feed their little bellies often! Here are a few of our favorite things to keep us organized while we take a 2 hour trip down to the Cape or just a 5 minute ride to the park.


Bento Box
Bento boxes are my favorite! They are perfect for my preschooler’s lunch and great for packing a few snacks up for both kids when we hit the road. You can cut up fruits or veggies and have everything separated, or you can add some cheese and crackers, or some hummus to go with the veggies. This one from Pottery Barn Kids is easy to wash and comes in some cute colors too!

Contigo Water Bottle
I feel like we own a thousand sippy cups and water bottles. Every time I open the cabinet door at least three fall on my head. Finally, I found one that doesn’t leak AND keeps drinks cold! This stainless steel water bottle from Contigo is a must when we leave the house! The kids are able to open and close it themselves and they each have their own color so they don’t get mixed up, and they fit into the cup holders of the car seats. Check it out here!


Gymboree Lunch Box
Pack everything up in this stylish lunch box from Gymboree! There are tons of patterns to choose from and it’s big enough to hold your Bento Box. It’s also easy to clean in case anything leaks while you are on your adventure. My preschooler takes this one to school, but we also use it when we take lunch to the park or the beach. It fits in the diaper bag too, which is always a plus!


Annie’s Organic Granola Bars
Who doesn’t love a good granola bar every now and then? These chewy chocolate chip granola bars from Annie’s are the perfect snack to throw into your lunch bag when you are on the go. They are made with certified organic whole grains and have zero preservatives or high fructose corn syrup, unlike most granola bars for kids. So check them out and surprise your kiddos by throwing one in their lunch box. Happy snacking!

By Lindsey Colotti, Owner & Instructor of Baby Boot Camp Beverly & Danvers, MA

Baby Boot Camp is an innovative stroller fitness program that helps moms regain or enhance pre-pregnancy fitness levels and meet the physical challenges of parenting by emphasizing strength training in a supportive environment. To try your First Class Free, click here.

Baby Boot Camp is neither paid nor obligated to write reviews of products it tests. All views are those of the writer.

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