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Rita Woodard: 2018 MOLO Mom of the Year

Posted by: Melanie Fox, Owner & Instructor on Friday, April 20, 2018

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Rita Woodard⇠

...Rita's story...

“This was my fourth MOLO Wellness Challenge and I have to say, it was the most rewarding, yet most difficult, of them yet. I started in February at 27 weeks pregnant with my third (a boy after two girls), a month into a promotion at work (woo-hoo!), and my husband starting his second semester on his executive MBA. I also have Type 1 diabetes so making sure my blood sugars are in control while being pregnant is so important, but adds another layer of stress. I knew that finding the time to focus on the daily MOLO challenges and my overall MOLO goals would be difficult. It would have been easy to just participate in the daily challenges that were convenient or “easy,” but that would only be cheating myself. In the end, I am proud of the goals I accomplished, the changes I made, and the examples I set for my family during the past eight weeks of MOLO.

"This year, I really wanted to focus on bringing wellness to my entire family. I made a conscious effort to put a fruit and/or vegetable on my girls’ plates at every meal we had together. I always made sure that there was fruit easily accessible and ready to consume, which made it easy for everyone to make good choices. I can definitely tell that they are getting used to eating fresh food instead of other snacks – after soccer practice the other night, one asked for carrots and the other asked for an orange!

"One thing I learned this year was that you don’t have to be perfect to make progress. That was one mantra that a few fellow MOLO moms posted and it really hit home with me. It served as a key reminder that it is okay to enjoy a nice meal out without having to feel guilty about it. My old soccer coach used to say, “Practice makes permanent, not perfect.” I thought about that a lot this year too, since having a bad or unhealthy eating day doesn’t make me a failure.

"I’m always really inspired by the other moms participating in MOLO and also our instructors who volunteer their time to serve as accountability coaches. Though I never want to see anyone face a struggle, it was helpful to see that other moms were facing hurdles as me during MOLO. Not having any sugar or processed foods is tough for everyone! Everyone’s triumphs are especially inspiring – it lifts us all up when we see someone succeed. It is also a blessing to have such wonderful instructors that are encouraging, supportive, friendly, welcoming, and understanding!” -Rita Woodard

Nominated by Melanie Fox, Owner & Instructor of Baby Boot Camp Dallas (North) & Richardson, TX:

“Rita is a Baby Boot Camp veteran of 5 years. This is her 4th year doing MOLO and each year she has motivated, encouraged, and had great results. This is the 2nd MOLO that she has completed pregnant! She embodies “Mom Strong” in all that she does. She is a full-time working mom of two beautiful girls and a boy on the way. This strong mom has lived with Type 1 Diabetes her entire life, but that has never slowed her down. If anything, it's made her stronger.

"She lives a vegan lifestyle and keeps active in so many ways. She plays soccer, attends Baby Boot Camp and Karna Camp classes regularly, plus does at-home workouts and family workouts when she can’t make it to class. She doesn't miss a challenge and nothing scares her.

"Her girls look up to her just as all of her fellow Baby Boot Camp tribe does. If she isn't posting healthy recipes, she is pushing others (quietly) in workouts. She is always there to give a smile or an encouraging word when others need it. She even improved on ALL pre-test scores this year, at 36 weeks pregnant!!!!! THAT’S RIGHT, IMPROVED! She is a beast.” -Melanie Fox

Congratulations, Rita!

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