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Next Steps To Becoming A Baby Boot Camp Franchise Owner

Be your own boss while setting a healthy example for your children.


Submit an Online Inquiry 
The first step in the process of learning more about us is to complete our brief online inquiry form. You will immediately receive an email that includes our Franchise Overview video and our Franchise Disclosure Document + a sample Franchise Agreement. You will also receive a link to submit your online application.


Introductory Call 
We know that you have questions and we are here to answer them! You will receive an email from us to schedule your call with our franchise development team, who will be able to answer your questions about our training, support, pricing, and the many benefits of being a Baby Boot Camp franchise owner. 


Submit Your Application
Curious to find out if your desired territory is available? Submit an application so that we can learn more about you! Once we receive your application, we will complete a preliminary demographic analysis and let you know within two business days if there is a viable territory currently available near you.



Schedule Your Interview
If a viable territory is available near you, we will email you details and a link to schedule your franchise interview with our CEO and founder, Kristen Horler or a member of our corporate team. During your online Zoom franchise interview, you'll learn more about our company, our culture, and what makes our owners successful.   


Territory Review
Once our team has completed a review of your file, we will prepare and present you with a full detailed demographic analysis, including a map of your potential territory to review. 


Franchise Agreement
Upon final review and approval of your territory, we will present you with an executable franchise agreement. The agreement you receive will be the same as the agreement presented in Step One.


Welcome to our family!
Your 12-week startup training begins with your initial series of coaching calls with our franchise support team, as you prepare for your Grand Opening!



This website is not an offering to sell a Baby Boot Camp franchise. No Baby Boot Camp franchise will be offered or sold to the resident of any U.S. state that requires registration of our Franchise Disclosure Document until that state has registered our FDD. No Baby Boot Camp franchise will be sold to the resident of any U.S. state until we have delivered an appropriate disclosure document in compliance with U.S. state and federal law. Franchises offered in selected jurisdictions only.

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