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  • Slastix Resistance Tube - Very Heavy (green)

Slastix Resistance Tube - Very Heavy (green)

Category: Gear

The original covered tubing & patented Slastix® technology makes Slastix® Toners the safest, most durable and cost effective alternative to conventional exercise bands. The full length of the latex resistance tubing is covered with a nylon protective sleeve.

Slastix® Toners protect the tubing from wear, nicks and cuts, UV rays, as well as from being over-stretched. If you ever “max out” the length of the band, you know it is time to go to a heavier resistance. Slastix® Toners carry a 1 year home use and 6 month commercial use warranty from manufacturer.


Green = Very Heavy = 35lb resistance

Owner Price:


Price: $25.95