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  • Diastasis Repair Instructor Training Exam Fee

Diastasis Repair Instructor Training Exam Fee

Category: Instructor Training

Diastasis Repair Instructor Training requires completion of our webinar training and exam.

Upon successful completion, a one-year certification is awarded.

Annual renewal is $49.

OWNERS: Please note that f you signed a Franchise Agreement prior to April 1, 2019, there is a $25/month "Optional Programs Fee" to add our Diastasis Repair program to your members. This fee will begin the second month following your Instructor Training Exam Fee. If you prefer to convert your existing Franchise Agreement to the  2019 Franchise Program, which does not include the "Optional Programs Fee", please email and we will provide you with additional details.


  1. Purchase Diastasis Repair Instructor Training.
  2. Once purchased, your owner will provide you with access to our instructor training and training videos.
  3. Upload photos (.jpg) of your current and up-to-date National Fitness Certification, CPR, and Insurance (Inspiring Wellness LLC as additional insured) to your Pike13 staff profile>photos. Be sure to upload an actual profile photo first and as your default photo.
  4. Request Diastasis Repair Programs Exam by emailing
  5. Once you receive your certificate of completion via email, you may begin teaching Diastasis Repair workshops.


Owner Price:


Owners: are you currently eligible to offer Diastasis Repair per your Franchise Agreement?

If no, please email to learn more.

Price: $149.00