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  • Karna Programs Instructor Training Exam Fee (.5 ACE CECs)

Karna Programs Instructor Training Exam Fee (.5 ACE CECs)

Category: Instructor Training

Instructor Training includes the following:

  • Karna Programs Instructor Training & Class Format Handbook (download from the BDC)
  • Karna Programs Instructor Training Exam and Fee
  • .5 ACE Continuing Education Credits
  • Two year certification

Steps to becoming a Karna Programs instructor:

1. Complete an Instructor Agreement.
2. Upload Instructor documents to your Pike13 staff profile (up-to-date CPR, National Fitness Certification, and Insurance).
3. Owner purchases exam in our store (please note Instructor Name). Owner downloads handbook from BDC and emails it to Instructor.
4. Owner emails to request exam access.
5. Instructor completes exam.
6. Instructor reviews Karna Ball YouTube videos outlining use of pelvicore neuromuscular system (links available on BDC, must be sent to Instructor).
7. Instructor submits 10-15 minute video via YouTube private link to for review. Video must include the following:

a. Ten movements/exercises utilizing the Karna Ball.
b. A minimum of five exercises must show modifications for injury, pain/discomfort, or prenatal/postpartum moms (as applicable).
c. Movements need to be able to be utilized in both Karna Camp and Restore the Core formats.
d. Instructor must show mastery of the Karna Ball and understand contraindications as they relate to pelvicore training (from Instructor Training videos on BDC).

7. Exam and video submission are reviewed by Corporate within 30 days. Once approved, Certificate of Completion emailed to Instructor (Owner is cc’d).


In the comment box, please note the instructor name and instructor email.

Owner Price:


Price: $299.00