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Positive Thinking and the Power Of It

Posted by: Alexa Hasman, Owner & Instructor on Wednesday, June 8, 2016

It’s gloomy outside, your day is full of screaming children, your house is a mess, and nothing seems to be going right. It is just one of those days. We have all been there. So, what can you do to turn it around? It is likely you won’t be able to get your kids to stop screaming, because, well, if you knew the trick to that, you would be a famous child behavior speaker traveling the world and informing parents of the magical trick you found to make your children listen and be calm. If you had the time or energy to clean the house, it would be done, but it isn’t, and you can name a million good reasons why it isn’t. You can’t change the weather or any of the other difficult situations you are running into today, so what do you do?    

You could lie on the ground in a crumpled ball of pity and let your children terrorize you OR you could start thinking positively about your situation. Look around you. Your house is in disarray and loud, but would you prefer a lonely house without love and laughter? Your children are losing their minds today. Take a deep breath and look at these amazing humans that you created. With each day you get to watch them learn and grow and as hard as it can be, parenting is magical in that way.

Trust me, I get it, positive thinking isn’t going to change everything. It won’t make the world a better place or make your problems go away BUT what it will do is change your mindset on how you VIEW the world!

It isn’t always easy, but when we work on viewing situations more positively, we start to live happier lives. We start to feel more energy and exude happiness and energy on those around us. Life certainly isn’t always fair, but we can choose to be happy and grateful for what we have or we can choose to be unhappy about it. Either way, we are still going to have what we have, but with the positive outlook, we are at least more grateful and satisfied with our circumstances than if we were to take the negative route.

One good rule for positive thinking is to create a mantra in your head that you recite whenever you are in a situation where negative thinking comes on. Something like, “I am grateful for who I am and the strengths that I carry and for what life has given me.” I encourage everyone to do this. Create your own personal mantra and use it daily. It can be in every day tough situations or in the middle of a long run. Either way, recite it to yourself and see how your outlook changes.

This takes some practice, but with time, I am certain you will start to see and feel a difference in how you view the world. This positive thinking will help make tough situations bearable and every day just a little bit happier. So with that, I say, have a happy day!

By Alexa Hasman, Owner & Instructor of Baby Boot Camp Portland (Southwest), OR

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