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4th Trimester Roller Coaster

Posted by: Kristen Herlihy, Owner & Instructor on Monday, December 12, 2016

Now that you are back at home from the hospital with your little one, you may have found that your life is…well, let’s just say that things are a bit different than before. Whether this is your first baby, second, or even your third, adjusting to life with a new baby can seem like you are living in a foreign country. It’s hard to find someone who is able to speak “Mommy-ese,” but at Baby Boot Camp, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

First things first – taking care of you. I know that this may seem like an insurmountable challenge at this stage of the game, but trust us weathered mommies when we say that you need to take care of you. Think of all that you do for your family – endless cleaning, daily cooking, singing while transporting, doctor visits, middle of the night feedings - and all of this is being done while you are still healing. So do just that – heal. No, you most likely won’t have weekly trips for those mani-pedis right now, but that’s ok. Take 10 minutes to soak your feet at home and you’ll get the rejuvenation that you’ll need to get you through the rest of the day.

Next, be sure to take into account that your body is still reeling & healing from pregnancy, childbirth, and lack of sleep. That’s bound to throw anyone into a hormonal tailspin, so give yourself time to just take a deep breath and check in with yourself. Think about how you want to react in any given situation, breathe, and then go. This too shall pass, mama.

Finally, find a support network near you. Call a friend. Join a breatfeeding support group. Get back into a relationship with your body through our Core9 Birth Recovery program. Whatever you choose to do, create that network of family, friends, and fellow moms who will help you on this journey to heal your body and calm your mind.

By Kristen Herlihy, Owner & Instructor of Baby Boot Camp Burlington, Woburn & Winchester, MA

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