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Finding Fitness: How to Get and Stay Active after Baby

Posted by: Baby Boot Camp on Thursday, December 10, 2015

Here you are: tired, scared, happy, confused, deeply in love, and no resemblance of the body that was once only yours. You’re a new mom. Nine months of pregnancy could not prepare you for the physical and emotional demands that this new role entails.

Your body changes significantly during pregnancy and with the birth of your baby. Secondary aches and pains can result from changes in posture, hormone levels, weight gain or loss, and changes in weight distribution. “Just get out and get some exercise” can be easier said than done. With a new baby at home, isolation and exhaustion can be palpable, hindering your ability and motivation to stay active. However, the benefits of prenatal and postpartum exercise are essential for new and expecting moms:

  1. Helps ease all of the physical discomforts of pregnancy and labor.
  2. Combats the baby blues.
  3. Increases your energy.
  4. Boosts self-confidence.
  5. Sets a positive example for your child.
  6. Fosters good sleep habits.
  7. Decreases stress.
  8. Helps foster a positive attitude.
  9. Provides better quality of sleep.
  10. Encourages better circulation.

At Baby Boot Camp, we are a community of moms of all fitness levels with the same shared goals of being strong, healthy, and good example setters for our children. We inspire each other and thrive on the importance of making time for ourselves, with our kids in tow! Each 60 minute stroller fitness class incorporates cardio, strength training, flexibility and core rehabilitation with additional nutrition and birth recovery support. We comply with American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). Baby Boot Camp is the premier stroller-based fitness program that helps new moms attain these benefits in a supportive group environment.

Baby Boot Camp provides diversity while catering the workouts to be effective and safely designed for the new mom stage of life. Through empowerment, confidence and strength building, we help moms reclaim their bodies.

Your first class is FREE and there are hundreds of locations nationwide. Visit to find a location near you and sign up for your first class free.

By Kylan Pimley


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