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Mom Picks: Running Essentials for New Moms

Posted by: Carly Babka, Owner & Instructor on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

As a lifelong runner, one of my main concerns after giving birth to my daughter was that I was going to have trouble getting back into my normal running routine. I was persistent about keeping up my miles throughout my entire pregnancy, but was discouraged when my doctor recommended no high intensity physical activity until 6 weeks postpartum, which of course meant NO RUNNING! I knew it was going to be difficult enough to make the adjustment of pushing not only myself, but also a jogging stroller with my baby. After a few weeks of trial and error, these few essentials made all the difference in the world.


First and foremost, you’ve got to protect your girls. As many new mothers know, especially breastfeeding moms, this can make or break a good run. The Women’s Fiona Sports Bra is your ticket to success, and can potentially be a new mom’s best friend when it comes to hitting the pavement while breastfeeding. These DriLayer Horsepower sports bras offer just enough support without that suffocating feeling of doubling up on your sports bras to ensure comfort. You can purchase this sports bra at for $50.00, and believe me, it is well worth it.



Hydration is important no matter what length of run you are doing. One of the main benefits of running with a jogging stroller is the cup holder feature. The Ashland Water Bottle is the perfect way to stay hydrated throughout your run. With its one-touch-button spout release, it makes the necessary one-handed drinking from a straw easy while pushing your baby. These can be purchased at for $16.99.



Keeping your little one entertained during a run can be one of your most difficult challenges. The Infantino Spiral Activity Toy is a great option that fits most strollers and car seat holders. This stroller toy promotes reaching and grabbing, and will keep your little one busy so mommy can get her workout in! Find these at for just $11.99.



By Carla Babka

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