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Adopting a Lifestyle Of Health and Fitness That Sticks!

Posted by: Baby Boot Camp on Wednesday, April 13, 2016

You have probably been there before. That time you were ready to get back in shape. So you jumped on the newest fitness trend and man, you did great…for the first three days. That fourth day came around and you found yourself falling back into the same habits that have kept you stuck in this place for what feels like forever.  So how do you choose goals that will be sustainable for life?

1. Overcome mental obstacles
It’s important to keep in mind that drastic life changes like pregnancy or postpartum depression require just as much mental strength as physical strength, if not, more! Often times we allow obstacles to derail us before we can see results and solidify these good habits. It’s quite common for a person to be knocking on the door of their first tangible successes and then just fall short when it counts. According to Loretta Koeth, a wellness Coach and Personal Trainer in Wilmington, NC. “People give up right when it might have started to make a difference.”  Koeth says, “It may take the body 3 weeks to enter into weight loss.”

2. Where to start?
To adopt a lifestyle change that will stick for the long haul and become second nature, you need to first establish a strong 'Why' or big picture reason for wanting to make those changes. This will be the driving force that keeps you going and helps you to refocus. Next, you will need to set small and large goals to create action. Make sure these goals are “S.M.A.R.T.”--- that is, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timed.  For example, your larger goal may be to complete a 5K by next year. This is a S.M.A.R.T. goal because it is specific (complete a race), measurable (5K), attainable (given that there are many 5k races across the country), realistic (a year to train for a 5k is plenty of time for most people), and timed (a year deadline). Your smaller goals should build toward your larger goal. You could commit to a 30-minute, walk/jog interval workout two times a week, every month until your race. By the time you have reached a goal, your new habit may begin to feel like the new normal. At that point you are ready to set another goal and slowly, but surely, transform your lifestyle.

3. Give yourself a break
When entering into a path toward wellness, it is important to continuously give yourself grace, as Koeth describes, because this is one of the most challenging journeys you may embark on. “Recognize that you’re not going to be perfect.” Koeth says, “And learn to forgive yourself.”  And even though you will have hiccups along the way, you will still be moving in the right direction, overall. Just be sure to always pick yourself up, find a supportive moms club, and keep going. Remember: Quick doesn’t stick but slow and steady wins the race.


By: Lauren Breon



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