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Karie Turpin: 2017 MOLO Mom of the Year

Posted by: Baby Boot Camp on Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Baby Boot Camp proudly announces
2017 MOLO Moms of the Year

Winners Receive:

Mountain Buggy Terrain ($600 value) 
Zico Gift Package ($100 value) 
GoMacro Gift Package ($100 value)
Baby Boot Camp Gift Package ($50 value)
Owl Be Sweatin' Gift Package ($50 value)

Child 12 mo+ Category Winner:
Karie Turpin

Nominated by Hannah Gay, Owner & Instructor of Baby Boot Camp Athens, Bogart & Watkinsville, GA, whose nomination noted:

“The 2017 Mother Love Wellness Challenge has been so inspiring. As an instructor, I love being my team’s biggest cheerleader. But these mamas encouraged each other for the entire 8 weeks more than I ever could on my own. I quickly noticed how their motivation and determination created this momentum, which was truly awe inspiring. We began to see celebrations of small victories as MOLO participants pushed each other to be their best selves. Some of our group's words to best describe Karie are motivated, determined, persistent, and maybe our favorite trait - encourager. Karie started our mom and baby classes in the summer of 2016 when her baby was about 6 months old. If you saw her during any given class, your first thought would probably be, “wow, that girl is an athlete!” She’s always giving her all in sprints… its obvious that cardio drills are her favorite.

“I think it’s safe to say that no mom is completely comfortable in her newly postpartum body and I could tell that she was no exception. When MOLO started, she had such determination to adopt a healthier diet. Throughout our challenge, she shared dinner and lunch ideas. Her class attendance was almost perfect. You know it’s serious if she’s not there. A little over halfway though MOLO, I was hearing her comment about her pants not staying up during burpees. That’s an exciting sign.

“As MOLO was coming to an end, her family beach trip was also approaching. We talked about swimsuit shopping (some women’s most dreaded shopping trip). But you know what I saw? Confidence! Along with all of the other amazing qualities listed above, I now see a confidence in Karie that has developed throughout MOLO. Her daughter has an amazingly inspiring role model to look up to and her happiness is a light. I know without a doubt that she will persist to surpass her goals and set new ones. I am beyond proud of Karie and the example she continues to set!”

Here's what Karie had to say about her MOLO experience:

The name says it all: Mother Love Wellness Challenge. This was unlike any fitness program I have ever participated in before. I learned that in order to become a healthier me, I had to focus on two words: mother and love. I learned to use the strength from my coaches and teammates to motivate myself to be healthier and strive to reach my goals. Like any wellness challenge, I had to fight the urge to give into my cravings. In our Baby Boot Camp Facebook group, I kept reading, “moderation not deprivation.” This piece of advice helped me stay on track and avoid binge eating unhealthy snacks.

“Throughout the eight-week MOLO challenge, I saw physical changes AND started thinking differently about my body. I have always been very athletic and active, but after having my daughter I stopped caring about my own body. I would raid the pantry instead of making healthy choices. My biggest goal during MOLO was to become a healthier me. While meeting this goal, I learned that a healthier me equals a healthier family. I felt energetic and was overall happier. Most importantly, I gained confidence in myself that having a child had taken away from me. I learned that I could make myself a priority without feeling guilty.

“During the last two weeks of MOLO, I was feeling strong and proud of my accomplishments. I had accomplished my goals and was satisfied with my results. A few days after MOLO ended, we went on vacation. As my eating habits and exercise started to decline, I quickly began feeling less energetic and could see that my body was starting to fade back to my pre-MOLO days. I realized that I needed to set new goals and challenges to work towards. I am so proud of myself but I know I couldn’t have accomplished my goals without my teammates. They inspire and motivate me daily and remind me to love myself. Throughout MOLO, I became healthier, stronger, and more confident. All traits I look forward to instilling in my daughter as she grows!"

Congratulations, Karie!

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1 comments on "Karie Turpin: 2017 MOLO Mom of the Year"

Elaine Lunsford on April 20, 2017 said:
I'm so proud of you, Karie! You are a very special young lady. I noticed the slimmer you at the beach. Keep up your journey to be healthy and happy. You are a leader and I'm so proud of the Mom you are and the young woman you are becoming. Love you! I'll sing the "I'm Proud Of You" song to you the next time I see you!!!

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